Pharmaceutical-grade products are composed of medically proven ingredients and exclusively sold at Dermatology and medical aesthetics office under supervision of a physician. Pharmaceutical-grade products must go through an extensive testing and approval process to ensure their effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products are scientifically made to penetrate the top layer of skin (epidermis) and go down to dermis or lower layer of skin. The dermis the skin layer where collagen, elastin, and pigmentation reside, and where new skin cells are produced. This is the only way a person is able to change a skin condition. The active ingredients in pharmaceutical-grade products can physically repair and heal your skin condition. Common conditions include pigmentation (brown marks) melisma, reduce wrinkles, rosacea (inflamed skin), acne, and others.

Over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products don't contain the same amount of active ingredients as pharmaceutical-grade products. A prescription is not needed for OTC skin care products. OTC products take longer to achieve results and therefore cost more money in the long run. OTC products tend to be less effective, work for shorter periods of time, and your skin often returns to its original state, prior to beginning treatment.

We proudly sell Zo Pharmaceutical-grade Skin Care products at our office, including Color Science, Elta Md, Skin Better, Neocutis, and Revitalash.